Izzati & Faizal

Its hard to forget this solemnization. This couple is so giggly and cute together. Its all smile and laughter in this wonderful occasion. I even smiled while looking thru their album for picture selection. Their giggling is contagious! An event that is simple and beautiful, fill with love from family and your close buddies, will make it grande.

Photo & Credited to WOW Photo


A walk to the past

I grew up in a rumah kedai (shophouses), a grocery shop own by my grandfather. Came from China with his father,my great grandfather, in search for a better life in Malaysia. That’s the best decision our Yap family ever make.But its not a easy life to start in foreign country for them,everything is start from scratch. My grandfather a business minded man, started his own grocery shop business in his early 20’s. A risk taker for making bold decision. But with his hard work and dedication, he made it thru and became one of the successful businessman in Hulu Langat. A  Malay kampung (Kampung Jawa)is just besides the chinese village(Kampung cina batu 18) where i grew up,and people around there called him “Abu”. Yes he got a malay name. And my grandfather speaks fluent jawa language. Almost everyone in the village knows my grandfather and i am known as “cucu Abu” (the grandchildren of Abu).


Kedai Runcit Yoong Lee. One of the famous and well established grocery shop in Hulu Langat.8428_1186523034606_194388_n

Biskut balang. Is my all time favourite. I always sneak and took a few to eat when i was a kid.


An old school weight machine


Daily Food that people need

15747_1203023527108_2095086_nMy favourite Childhood memory. It came with a surprise in it!

Hulu Langat, a side for its history, there is a place where you can explore like the Sungai Congkak (Congkak River), Air terjun Gabai(Gabai waterfall), Kolam air panas(Hot spring).

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Way of Life: The Misunderstood Undertaker

Maybe it’s fate that brought me to meet with this lady undertaker for 8 years now, Ms. Jackie Chua, a single mother of 3 children. An undertaker job is to prepare the deceased for burial or cremation and making arrangements for funerals. No,not WWE wrestler The Undertaker. They are also called a mortician or a funeral director/manager. It’s not a fancy job. And sometimes it can become extremely challenging as some deceased, unfortunately, died in a horrific way. Many work have to be done to preserve the deceased and to prepare them to be presentable for the funeral, so that family and loved one are at ease during the funeral mass. Their job is also to make sure family and guests are comfortable as they are mostly sadden by the death of love ones. This job is personal. Every person is a different case. This is a service industry that deals with many type of people,from different background,religion and ethnic. To be good at this work,she must always update her knowledge on medic and culture studies. She told me ” You must have a heart(passion and compassionate) and a strong will to do this because if you don’t, you can’t do this at all. Just like you a photographer. You must love your work”. Yes i do. I’m doing this long going personal project of mine, to share my personal view on this often misunderstood profession. I want to show how this “gruesome” and “dirty” profession(as describe by the conservative) is a nobel profession.

“Health is very important. You can get your money back but not health” – Ms. Jackie Chua

I met her at my beloved aunt’s funeral. My aunt lost her battle to cancer. Not because she gave up. Only because the fight is over and her time has come. I’ll never forget how brave and determine she fought her cancer all this years. Even in suffer and pain,she still has positive attitude with a smile on her face. I wonder if i’ll ever be strong like her to go thru that. To dear beloved aunt Amy Yap,I love you and miss you so much. When my aunt departed,none of us know what to do. None of us were doctors or morticians to care for my late aunt nor we are craftsman to build a coffin. In a normal daily life, for some,a taboo subject, would never want to walk pass thru a  casket store, but in the end of the day when you can’t care for yourself anymore, these are the people you depend on.

“Why do you do this work? Its dirty.”

“It’s scary and disgusting”

“You could bring negativity and bad luck to others”

“Wow,it’s a good business! You must be rich!”

“This job is unhealthy”

These are the common reaction they get from other people who don’t understand the nobility of this job. The subject and topic of death is still a taboo in asian culture. Often, people think that deaths is a bad thing and always relate to one’s bad luck and to be avoided if possible. Some may have this ‘pantang’ (avoidance) and rituals to prevent bad luck. Some also believe that one should not go to a wedding after they attended a funeral. It is said that to bring bad vibe for the newly wed couple. But that is the old conservative way, today’s younger generation might be a bit open minded towards this subject. Life and Death is a cycle that no one can really tell why,how,when and who. “Even my mother didn’t like what i do. She’s a very traditional person. But i needed at job at that time to pay my bills,rentals and loans. It happen that a friend brought me in to this field, so that i can support my living and children. I was worried and scared at first but now is a passion and i must be professional when at work. It takes a lot of training and experience to be good.” She explain how she got this job. Maybe it was fate that chooses her for this task? This profession is not for the weak hearted. Time is very precious as they are on 24hours on call and its unpredictable. “I would not go to visit someone that is ill. Because we live in a judgmental society, if that person dies,they might put the blame on me. Its best to avoid such accusation.I couldn’t control other people mouth”she explained.Sad but true.

Respect is to be earn. I agree. And these group of people have my respect and appreciation. They care for those who couldn’t care for themselves anymore and at their most vulnerable moment. That is why, to me,this is a noble profession.Not many can handle this responsibility. “I wouldn’t care less how others think of my work. I am also a human being making a honest living,paying my bills and stuff. I am not afraid.”She says with determination in her eyes. One day it could be you end up on a cold metal table in a morgue and at the mercy of the undertaker. So be wary on how you treat others cause Karma is a Bitch. Don’t be disrespectful to others only because you don’t understand it. Open up and learn.

“You’ll never really know a person until they are dead. Only when dead,one’s secret life is reveal and the true color of the people around the deceased is shown ” – Ms. Jackie Chua.

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#TSBreakAway: To Conquer Broga Hill, The Pursue of Light.

It’s 11pm. Time to get some rest for tomorrow Adventure to Broga Hill,the hike of my life. I’m not a person who likes to hike,jog or cycle. I’m a beach person. I love the ocean and i love to swim. But this time,i would like to challenge myself. I wanted to make it to the peak of the hill at least once in my life. I wonder how hard it’s gonna be, how high is that hill, how long will it takes,what do i wear,what do i do…..Beep Beep Beep!! Wait. Is that my phone alarm? It’s 3 am already?! I didn’t even get to sleep and now i have to get up and prepare myself. So with heavy heart,i get up,showered,changed and drive to our meet up point at 4am with my friends. From our meet up point, we drove to Broga Hill,which thank lord there is signage to that place so you can’t missed it. Stepping out of our car, the surrounding is so dark, a torchlight is a must. We take our trail nice and slow as we don’t want any incident happen. So This is my trail to the peak of Broga Hill.

The main problem in every corner of Malaysia  is our standard of hygiene. Its like Malaysian breed rubbish everywhere they go. Is this the image we want to portray to others? Looking at rubbish in a place where people came to hike for fitness and fun with family and friends,is a total turn off. Rubbish bins are everywhere at the bottom of the hill. So, keep your rubbish in your pockets, throw it in a bin when you reach below. Only simple common sense needed here. I hope its not so much to do for mother nature.

#TSBreakAway: An island of serenity, Pulau Ketam.

It was my first trip to pulau ketam. I don’t know what to expect. Upon arrival, i can feel that this place is so laid back with not much activities to do. But with 11 other TSBreakAway explorer, we can turn this place upside down. From strangers to now friends that share the same passion and thirst for traveling, i now never felt alone anymore. Many don’t understand the kind of lifestyle i live in,even the economy doesn’t approve my  existent but i’ll keep on traveling. I would rather invest all i had on experience than on material stuff. My life is blessed with wealth of love from my family and awesome friends around me. These are the great people in my life that always push me forward and pick me up when i tripped. I’m not gonna complain. Enough of this sentimental talk, its exploring Pulau Ketam time!

To get to Pulau Ketam is by ferry from Port Klang Jetty. It may take at least 30 minute ride depending on the weather. I’ll say Seafood is the main attraction in pulau ketam. And don’t ever,never miss the fried ice cream. The most awesome stuff ever! Be careful of where you are going, the locals there are notorious cyclist. So walk carefully to the side and you can survive the island. Aside from that, just chillax and enjoy the simplicity of life in Pulau Ketam.

Experience Exotic Bali with Me!

Experience Exotic Bali with Me!

Wow! It’s been so long since my last post! Too caught up with work and my traveling schedule. I’m not gonna complain. I love my work and i love to travel so much! And i will be in Bali, Indonesia … Continue reading

Fabulous February Only!

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Faizal & Asylla The Solemnization


A simple and yet beautiful wedding. Held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Kuala Lumpur. Very Classic and Traditional and the food is great. Faizal & Asylla have known each other since high school, been friends for as long as they can remember. After being apart for sometimes, when they finally meet up, they found love…

Having to be part of this special occasion is a wonderful feeling. Both side of the Bride and Groom family are friendly and warm. I felt so welcome there. And all of their friends are hip and happening! Their pictures says it all. They were funny and sporting, i can’t stop clicking my shutter to get their funny expression. This is what wedding is all about. Celebrating love with your Family and Awesome Friends…

Photo by & Credit to Wow Photo

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Shazlina & Ben Solemnization

One of my Favorite Wedding of the year. Love the friendly and warm atmosphere from both families and friends. While shooting for my Beautiful Bride and Groom, I can sense the closeness and the affection they have for each other,not only the Bride & Groom, but also, the whole family and friends. It’s truly an awesome mix wedding and i love it! All guests from many different culture come together in harmony for this lovely event, it’s just so fulfilling. Love to see the sense of togetherness in this big family, where everyone are helping out to make this event a successful one. The bridesmaids. There’s so much to say about them. They were all sporting, beautiful and stunning in their best dress. I can see they were all best friends, cause when they hang out together , there’s lots and lots of laughter. Its a great moment for me to capture. What more can i say? I love my job.

In This Collection, it’s all in colorful black and white. It’s because i wanted to “Paint” the emotion and passion in every soul. The Intimate moment captured in colored black and white,really brings out a lot of emotion from the heart…

Baby Nadine Cukur Jambul Ceremony.

Cukur Jambul is a ceremony for the baby’s very first haircut, done in accordance with Malay tradition. It is an important ceremony and it’s also an occasion for the families to get together, have fun and also to welcome the new baby to the family. They are many other cultures that practice this ritual for babies. It is usual done after a mother’s confinement period with is around 40-45 days. Some even have the ceremony after the baby is 3 to 5 months old, which is pretty much common now in the modern days. Mostly the ceremony is held at home, served with delicious Malaysian local food like Nasi Briyani, Beef Rendang, Chicken cooked in sweet sour sause, delicacies and more. That’s why i love my job! I can eat those food after work. Hehehe.

Cukur Jambul ceremony usually begins in the morning or afternoon with a reading from the Quran, also know as the Marhaban. The father or mother then carries the baby to each person who will snip off a little of the baby hair or sometimes, shaved. Usually it is done by the grandparents, family or some closed friends, and members of the Marhaban . It is customary for those who do the honours to present the baby with a little gift in cash or kind. The snips of hair are put into a coconut that is cut and shaped into a bowl. Once the ceremony ends, this hair is then buried. Guest will get a special door gift from the host, which is the Bunga Telur, a hardboiled egg enclosed within a single flower. But now days, they give out sweets, cookies, cup cakes or yellow sticky rice. I like! Love my job so much!

I would like to thank my senior photographer, Nazir Azhari, for giving me an opportunity to experience this beautiful ceremony. And Baby Nadine Soraya is too cute! I felt like wanna chew her fluffy cheeks! And also many thanks to the family for their warm and friendly hospitality.  I really enjoy myself there. Hope i can experience other culture baby full moon party. It’s going to be interesting and fun!

Ariff & Rosalyn Solemnization

Shooting for your best friend’s wedding is totally awesome. It’s a mixed wedding which i love so much! Being hired as their official Photographer is an honor to me. I knew the groom since college and we were best buddies doing crazy stuff when we were young back then. Those were the good old days. And when he called me, few weeks before his wedding day, i was excited and so happy for him. I know they were great couple and they are so lovely together! On that day we realize, we didn’t change at all. Just like the good old days, we still goofing around, Chilled out and remembering our adventurous time together. How we missed it so much. And now he is married to the love of his life, I can see they were so madly in love, I wish them all the best and love the world can offer, I’m so happy for them. Love you guys!

Muay Thai II

Muay Thai, one of the most deadliest fight technique in the world, is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Many People thought and look at it as violence and a dangerous sport, but it’s actually safe if you know the technique. Besides, which sports doesn’t have any risk? Muay Thai is not just throwing punches and kicks. Its about fitness, getting the right technique and self defense, looking for the right opportunity to throw down your opponent. “To be a Muay Thai Fighter, one must be at peace with oneself. A True Fighter must have self control and know when to stop. Not to fight out of anger and being disrespectful. To protect yourself and the weak ones. Must have Will Power and Passion to win,and never give up”. Words of wisdom and advice from my Muay Thai Teacher/Trainer, Cikgu Ismail from Singa Malaya Muay Thai. He learn Muay Thai at the age of 16, his first fight at the age 17. He have won several fights and championship, Spent most of his younger years traveling around Thailand and Myanmar, searching for Muay Thai knowledge and technique. Been in the fight ring most of his life,now a retired fighter, he opens his own Muay Thai Club,name Singa Malaya. I’ve been trained for 7month now, not yet an expert but will definitely be better someday hahaha. I do hope to fight next year maybe if i’m ready. Hope i can survive through it.hehehe.But do enjoy the photos that i took. It was taken during Hari Belia 2012 (Youth Day 2012) in Putrajaya for National Championship Fight. As the competition became intense, the crowds goes wild! Fans were cheering for their favorite fighter, enthusiastically anticipation from the crowd is just overwhelming ! Me? i was there to take my awesome shots. And by shots i mean Photo.hehehe Enjoy!

Click to view Video

I also shoot some video footage with my sister and friends. And this is what we manage to came up with. Its not yet up to perfection, it’s our first attempt to shoot video, and its for fun and to test our new skill. I will definitely practice more to shoot video. Well i hope you will enjoy it. My first video footage. Thank you.

Ramadan Promotion!

An offer you don’t want to miss!

Firstly, I would like to wish Happy Fasting to all my Muslim Friends, May this year Ramadan brings more Joy, Happiness, Health & Prosperity to all. Although i’m not a muslim but Ramadan month is one of my favorite time of the year. Why? Because of the Ramadan Bazaar and market of course! This is the time where i can find all sorts of food and local delicacy. My favorite will be Nasi Kerabu,Nasi Dagang,Nasi Arab,Kuih Bakar, Kuih seri muka, Roti Jala…etc.(Wow,there goes my diet.oppss) And to celebrate this wonderful Ramadan, our team of Photographers (Me included of course) & Videographers came up with a new package combining both team together,with Special Promotion and Free Canvas! This Promotion last untill 19 August 2012. Make sure you don’t miss it! We are join forces to create an Awesome Wedding Experience you won’t forget! Hope you are as excited as we are now! For contact details, you can send in your enquiries to iyartwork@gmail.com or like our facebook page :W.T.F and W.T.H for more updates. Contact details are stated in info column on our facebook page.Thanks for your support!

Shazlina & Ben Solemnization + Tea Ceremony

Click on image to view the slide show.

{Shazlina & Ben}

We’ve attended on  1Malaysia wedding last weekend. Both Bride & Groom are Awesome and give their best to co operate with our team, WTF & WTH. The bride is Gorgeously beautiful and her bridesmaids look stunning in their best dress. They reflect the spirit of sisterhood during the ceremony which we thought it’s cool and a terrific moment for us to capture. The Groom looks gracefully handsome and addressed their multiracial friends and family very well. The event is astonishingly very happening and it’s really an eye opening for a successful 1Malaysia wedding. I can see that everyone is having a great time and enjoyed themselves. I’m glad that we were part of this wonderful wedding, and given the trust to capture this awesome wedding. There’s so many beautiful moments we’ve captured,hopefully this memories will last for eternity.

Astrina & Naquib Beautiful Wedding.

A Love story of a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. A wonderful wedding held in Matrade Hall, Kuala Lumpur, my first assignment in that hall. OMG i love the stage decoration, it was awesome and so far the best stage ever seen. It is a new concept, simple and yet,mesmerizing. Enough said, lets look at the pictures i took shall we? hehehe Cheers!

More on video of this bride and groom coming soon…:) The couple hired our team of talented videographer, i was there to help them out and well, i got itchy hands and the event was so beautiful,i can’t stop clicking my shutter. Hehehe.Best thing of the event is,i met new friends of photographers from The League of Extraordinary Photographers. They are Awesome! Nice meeting you guys! Hope to see you soon!

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